Location: Main Building of the University of Vienna

All lectures take place in the BIG Hörsaal

Thursday, 15.11.2018

10:00-12:00          Lecture: Introduction to the theory of antisemitism and it’s specifics:                                                              what is antisemitism? (Andreas Peham)

12:00-14:00          Workshop: structural antisemitism and Antiamericanism/abridged criticism                                                  of capitalism (Sarah Kanawin)

12:00-14:00           Workshop: antisemitisms and language: Correlations and                                                                                 counter-strategy (Ruth Wodak)

14:00-15:30          Lunch break

15:30-17:30          Vortrag: antisemitism at universities in Vienna the 19.th and 20.th century                                                    (Linda Erker and Katharina Kniefacz)

15:30-17:30          Workshop: antisemitism in movies  (Frank Stern)

17:30                    Opening (Israeli embassy Hadas Wittenberg Silverstein, ÖH Vorsitzteam: Marita                                            Gasteiger, ÖH Vorsitzteam Uni Wien: Lena Köhler)

19:00                     Panel discussion: antisemitism at universities  (english)                                                 Participants: Gal Winrebe (former Vice Chair of Israeli Student Union),                                                     Marita Gasteiger (Vorsitz ÖH), Paul Oberhammer (Dekan Juridicum Wien),                                                      Ronja Hesse (Vorstand fzs), Moderation: Amber Weinber (Forum gegen Antisemitismus)


Friday, 16.11.2018   

10:00- 12:00         Lecture: Current manifestations of antisemitism on european comparison/                                                    Western europe (Helga Embacher)

12:00- 14:00           Workshop: antisemitism and gender (Ljiljana Radonić)

12:00- 14:00          Workshop: history and presence of the Middle East conflict (Alexander Feuerherdt)

14:00 – 15:30        Lunch break

15:30- 17:30           Workshop: Islamic antisemitism and prevention (Andreas Peham)

15:30- 17:30           Workshop: Educational work against antisemitism/ Holocaust education; recognizing                                  antisemitism and evolving strategies against it (Elke Rajal)

18:00- 19:00          Lecture: History of antisemitism in europe – outline presentation (Shulamit Volkov)

19:30- 21:00          Lecture: Antizionism = Antisemitism?  (Stephan Grigat)


Saturday, 17.11.2018

10:00- 12:00         Lecture: The extermination of the european Jews – the Holocaust (Hans Safrian)

12:00- 14:00          Workshop: Narrative of the Middle East conflict and antisemitism (Ben Dagan)

12:00- 14:00          Workshop: Holocaust in the austrian memory discourse (Heidemarie Uhl)

14:00- 15:30          Lunch break

15:30 17:30           Workshop: Antisemitism in the left party (Tina Sanders)

15:30- 17:30          Paper- presentation “ Facing Antisemitism – multidimensional strategies in dealing,                                   and the prevention, of antisemitism in schools”

17:30- 19:30          Lecture: Members of fraternities and antisemitism (Bernhard Weidinger)

19:30                     Panel discussion: antisemitism and media